2020 Projects

January 11, 2020  |  Recent Projects

Sun City, South Carolina- New construction- 2 lighted Har-Tru courts.

Carrollwood CC – Tampa, Fl- Renovations

Tallahassee , Fl

Pensacola, FL

Austin, Tx

Denver and Vail, Colorado



2019 Projects Completed

January 11, 2020  |  Recent Projects

We completed both new construction and renovations/ resurfacing of Har – Tru clay courts in the following areas of the country.

Colorado- Denver and Vail

The cities of both Sarasota and Naples, Florida.

Long Boat Key , Fl

Tampa, Fl

St Petersburg, Fl

Tierre Verde, Fl

Austin, Tx


New Orleans, La


Recent Projects 2017-18

June 24, 2018  |  Recent Projects

We have completed clay court construction , re-surfacing and hard court to clay court conversions in Florida , Georgia, Louisiana, Oklahoma and Colorado.

Villa di Lancia, Riverwalk, Glen Arvan, City of Treasure Island, City of Steamboat Springs,St Pete Country Club, City of Long Boat Key, Stonebridge to name a few.

We will be renovating the City of West Palm Beach courts later this summer.

We will also be converting courts in Tucson, Az in Jan 2019.


Isla Del Sol Yacht Club, St Petersburg, FL

October 18, 2016  |  Recent Projects

We will be doing a large Har-Tru re-surfacing project at the Isla Del Sol Tennis Center this December.

Fall 2016

October 17, 2016  |  Recent Projects

We have just finished up Har-Tru resurfacing projects on Longboat Key Public Tennis center and the Seagate condo complex in Florida. We are now working in Bonita Beach , Fort Myers and Bradenton, Fl. We continue to have a company representative working the northeast part of the U. S. , based out of Newport, RI from June through November each year. If you have any needs and would like to schedule a site visit anywhere in country or outside of the U. S. or to discuss budgeting information. Please call John Harrison at 727-688-9643 or email at jharrison@beardtennis.com. You can also reach Mike Beard at 239-246-6867 and at mbeard@beardtennis.com

Har -Tru Hydrocourts

July 29, 2016  |  Recent Projects

We are currently in the Mobile , Alabama area constructing 6 new  Har- Tru Hydrocourt subsurface irrigated tennis courts. We will be working in Treasure Island , Florida following that project. This fall we have projects in Long Boat Key, St Petersburg and the Ft Myers area. We are also currently working on budgeting a project in Montego Bay, Jamaica. If you have any needs or would like to schedule a site visit or budgeting information. Please call John Harrison at 727-688-9643 or email @ jharrison@beardtennis.com.

Colorado 2016

April 13, 2016  |  Recent Projects

We will be back in the Denver, Vail and Beaver Creek areas again this April for our annual Har-Tru court spring start up services. Anyone interested in a facility visit please call John Harrison @ 727-688-9643 , jharrison@beardtennis.com or Mike Beard @ 239-246-8789, mbeard@beardtennis.com


March 10, 2015  |  Recent Projects

We will be doing our annual spring resurfacing work in Denver as well as the Vail/Beaver Creek mountain region starting in May 2015 ! We have added Ford Park in the city of Vail to our project list this year. We currently resurface over 35 soft Har-Tru courts every spring in the area. Please call or email us if you have any projects in the area that you would like us to evaluate. John Harrison -727-688-9643 – jharrison@beardtennis.com

YMCA – Naples, FL

March 10, 2015  |  Recent Projects

We are proud to announce our latest project in Naples, Fl.  We are currently resurfacing 4 Har-Tru tennis courts at the YMCA.  Also, beginning in April at the same facility  we will be resurfacing 2 formally green Har-Tru courts with red Italian clay. Please check the local media for stories covering the process. Feel free to contact Tim Bauer- Director of Tennis at the YMCA or John Harrison- General Manager of Beard Tennis for any questions about the project and the process of converting green to red clay surfaces.

Tampa, FL

January 15, 2015  |  Recent Projects

We have recently finished the construction of four -above ground irrigated Har -Tru tennis courts in the Tampa, Florida area.

Also, we are currently constructing five Har-Tru bocce ball courts in the Ft Myers area.